1. Micro cli

Micro cli是microservices toolkit micro的命令行界面。

1.1. 入门

1.1.1. 安装

go get github.com/micro/micro

1.1.2. 服务列表

micro list services


1.1.3. 获取服务

micro get service go.micro.srv.example


go.micro.srv.example-fccbb6fb-0301-11e5-9f1f-68a86d0d36b6    [::]    62421

1.1.4. 查询服务

micro query go.micro.srv.example Example.Call '{"name": "John"}'

    "msg": "go.micro.srv.example-fccbb6fb-0301-11e5-9f1f-68a86d0d36b6: Hello John"

1.1.5. 查询服务健康

micro health go.micro.sv.example

node        address:port        status
go.micro.srv.example-fccbb6fb-0301-11e5-9f1f-68a86d0d36b6        [::]:62421        ok

1.1.6. 通过CLI注册/去注册

micro register service '{"name": "foo", "version": "bar", "nodes": [{"id": "foo-1", "address": "", "port": 8080}]}'
micro get service foo

service  foo

version  bar

Id    Address    Port    Metadata
foo-1    8080
micro deregister service '{"name": "foo", "version": "bar", "nodes": [{"id": "foo-1", "address": "", "port": 8080}]}'
micro get service foo

Service not found

1.1.7. 运行API

micro api

1.1.8. 运行SideCar

micro sidecar --server_name=foo --server_address= --healthcheck_url=

1.1.9. 通过Sidecar代理CLI


micro --proxy_address=proxy.micro.pm list services


1.1.10. 用法

   micro - A microservices toolkit

   micro [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   api        Run the micro API
   bot        Run the micro bot
   registry    Query registry
   query    Query a service method using rpc
   stream    Query a service method using streaming rpc
   health    Query the health of a service
   list        List items in registry
   register    Register an item in the registry
   deregister    Deregister an item in the registry
   get        Get item from registry
   sidecar    Run the micro sidecar
   web        Run the micro web app
   help, h    Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --server_name                                 Name of the server. go.micro.srv.example [$MICRO_SERVER_NAME]
   --server_version                                 Version of the server. 1.1.0 [$MICRO_SERVER_VERSION]
   --server_id                                     Id of the server. Auto-generated if not specified [$MICRO_SERVER_ID]
   --server_address                                 Bind address for the server. [$MICRO_SERVER_ADDRESS]
   --server_advertise                                 Used instead of the server_address when registering with discovery. [$MICRO_SERVER_ADVERTISE]
   --server_metadata [--server_metadata option --server_metadata option]    A list of key-value pairs defining metadata. version=1.0.0 [$MICRO_SERVER_METADATA]
   --broker                                     Broker for pub/sub. http, nats, rabbitmq [$MICRO_BROKER]
   --broker_address                                 Comma-separated list of broker addresses [$MICRO_BROKER_ADDRESS]
   --registry                                     Registry for discovery. memory, consul, etcd, kubernetes [$MICRO_REGISTRY]
   --registry_address                                 Comma-separated list of registry addresses [$MICRO_REGISTRY_ADDRESS]
   --selector                                     Selector used to pick nodes for querying. random, roundrobin, blacklist [$MICRO_SELECTOR]
   --transport                                     Transport mechanism used; http, rabbitmq, nats [$MICRO_TRANSPORT]
   --transport_address                                 Comma-separated list of transport addresses [$MICRO_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS]
   --enable_tls                                    Enable TLS [$MICRO_ENABLE_TLS]
   --tls_cert_file                                 TLS Certificate file [$MICRO_TLS_CERT_File]
   --tls_key_file                                 TLS Key file [$MICRO_TLS_KEY_File]
   --api_address                                 Set the api address e.g [$MICRO_API_ADDRESS]
   --proxy_address                                 Proxy requests via the HTTP address specified [$MICRO_PROXY_ADDRESS]
   --sidecar_address                                 Set the sidecar address e.g [$MICRO_SIDECAR_ADDRESS]
   --web_address                                 Set the web UI address e.g [$MICRO_WEB_ADDRESS]
   --register_ttl "0"                                Register TTL in seconds [$MICRO_REGISTER_TTL]
   --register_interval "0"                            Register interval in seconds [$MICRO_REGISTER_INTERVAL]
   --api_handler                                 Specify the request handler to be used for mapping HTTP requests to services. e.g api, proxy [$MICRO_API_HANDLER]
   --api_namespace                                 Set the namespace used by the API e.g. com.example.api [$MICRO_API_NAMESPACE]
   --web_namespace                                 Set the namespace used by the Web proxy e.g. com.example.web [$MICRO_WEB_NAMESPACE]
   --api_cors                                     Comma separated whitelist of allowed origins for CORS [$MICRO_API_CORS]
   --web_cors                                     Comma separated whitelist of allowed origins for CORS [$MICRO_WEB_CORS]
   --sidecar_cors                                 Comma separated whitelist of allowed origins for CORS [$MICRO_SIDECAR_CORS]
   --enable_stats                                Enable stats [$MICRO_ENABLE_STATS]
   --help, -h                                    show help

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